​​​SANJING is a professional metal parts manufacturer integrating manufacture and service.

Committed to relentless improvement, forward-thinking sustainability initiatives, and providing a reliable experience to the customers who use our metal parts every day. Our goal is to become a world-renowned supplier of metal parts within a culture of continual innovation.


For our customers, suppliers and workforce, SANJING commits to continuous improvement initiatives and a dedication to advancing technology, safety and productivity.

Providing Real Value

At SANJING, our expertise gives our customers a competitive edge. Our engineers have a track record of providing design and manufacturing solutions that deliver tough, lightweight for metal parts. Our tooling, drafting and core making engineers put decades of experience to work for you.


When you work with SANJING, you get the expertise of state of the art manufacturing facilities employing the best technology, the most experienced workman, and a commitment to collaborative, innovative design & production they're all part of serving our customers. 


When you work with SANJING, you enter our culture of continuous improvement. It means you have high value added services. Updated material handling and chemical distribution allows us to fine-tune raw materials and drive waste out of the production process. Computer modeling, laser scanning, and casting simulations allow design and process improvements that can affect metal parts weight, complexity and machining. We even consider the size of your parts and how it will affect shipping and delivery costs. From melt to delivery, our focus is coordinating your entire project.


Teams were able to drive down machining requirements and reduce total manufacturing costs with a durable, innovative solution. Put this kind of problem solving to work on your next project.

Whether your product needs include castings, and/or machining, our experienced and highly responsive development and management teams ensure that you will receive the highest quality products and services in your respective markets.

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