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​​​SANJING is a professional manufacturer of metal products, providing the outstanding manufacturing and service.
With continuous improvement, forward-looking sustainability initiatives, we provide a reliable experience for customers who use our metal 
parts every day. SANJING aims at becoming a world-renowned supplier of metal components.

We can make a wide range of metal parts with hot and cold working processes.
Our engineers have a proven professional background of design and manufacturing solutions that provide strong, lightweight components 
for industrial fields. Our toolings, drawings and talented manufacturing engineers with decades of experience will be brought to service you.

SANJING's Values

At SANJING, the expertise is our competitive advantage.

Our engineers have professional experience in design and manufacturing solutions, providing strong, lightweight, efficient and low-cost 
solutions for metal parts.                     
Our toolings, drawings and key manufacturing engineers with decades of experience are SANJING's Core competence.
When cooperating with SANJING, innovative design and production are all part of our customer service.

casting design
solidification simulation

Automated Efficient Manufacturing Technology

For high annual demand parts, we will choose automated manufacturing. Automated efficient manufacturing technology can 
decrease the manufacturing cost and ensure the stability of quality. Surely, we are capable of doing customized small batch of parts.

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